Requests from member States for technical support

The Institute is processing requests from:

(a) Nigeria, for technical assistance in research and programme development

aimed at capacity-building for counselling and rehabilitation of victims of

trafficking in human beings;

(b) Malawi, for technical assistance for crime prevention to address

trafficking in human beings, alternative sentencing and the significance of forensic

investigations in criminal justice;

(c) South Sudan, for assistance in prison reform through research leading to

policy formulation and advocacy for resources. Needs have been assessed during a

visit to South Sudan and the Institute is working out a programme of activities with

the relevant authorities;

(d) Subject to availability of funds, evaluation surveys will be conducted in a

number of countries in central and southern Africa on their criminal justice systems

aimed at developing community-responsive correctional sanctions;

(e) Cameroon has sought support by a technical expert to analyse the

situation of piracy and international armed robbery along the Gulf of Guinea in

order to guide the formulation of an appropriate response to the problem. An initial

report in this regard has been provided to the Cameroonian authorities.


Discussions have been initiated with the United States Bureau of International

Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, UNODC and the African Union to

implement joint projects to address the priority needs of African countries to stem

the drug problem by implementing drug demand reduction programmes and

conducting research.

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