Two reports on surveys, entitled “Evaluation of the community service orders  programme of Kenya” and “Extent of implementation of the United Nations  standard minimum rules by African countries”, and the second edition of the African  Journal of Crime and Criminal Justice were launched at the second biennial  conference of the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA) and were  recommended to Governments, educational institutions, experts and civil society  organizations. The report on implementation of the standard minimum rules was  discussed by a panel during the meeting of an intergovernmental expert group in  December 2012.

A study on the drugs situation in Eastern Africa was published. The study  increased knowledge about the prevalence of drug use in communities, schools and  prisons as a silent crime. It showed how Africa must improve its delivery of social  services for the benefit of these hidden groups that are using illicit drugs. National  authorities should design special programmes targeting prisons and schools to  increase understanding of these hidden segments of society.

Preparations for the third edition of the African Journal of Crime and Criminal  Justice are under way, including articles on research aimed at responding to the  crime problem and criminal justice challenges. Articles are being generated for  consideration and processing by the editorial board. Reports indicate that the journal  is influencing the formulation of policy guidelines for crime prevention and  criminal justice in a number of countries and is stimulating collaboration between  research institutes, experts, academic personnel and public service officers in the  search for knowledge based on research on topical issues.

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